Paul Pogba is primarily a central midfielder, although he is also capable of playing on the left, in a holding role, or even as an attacking midfielder, but he’s not known for his ball interceptions and tackling abilities. Last season at Juvestus, Pogba made a combine tackles and interceptions of 123(interceptions 47, tackles 76) in Serie A which cannot be compared to N’golo Kante combine total of 331(interceptions 156, tackles 175) for Leicester city in the premier league. Pogba has been described by his club Manchester United as a “powerful, skilful, and creative” player who has “an eye for goal and a penchant for the spectacular.”  But Mourinho have failed to get the best of Paul Pogba. Pogba has been described in some quarters as a cat when he is wearing Manchester united jersey but a lion in the blue jersey of the French national team. During his final season with Juventus, Pogba was deployed in a more advanced and creative midfield role rather than in his usual box to box role, which saw him gain more time on the ball, and he excelled as the team’s main player, due to his vision, and passing range, his performances in this role saw him develop from a promising youngster into one of the best and most complete midfielder in the world. Pogba is very effective going forward where he shows his dribbling skills. In the semi-final against Germany at the Euro’16, where Pogba played with Matuidi in the deep midfield, he was ineffective until Kante was introduced and that gave him freedom to go forward and effect the game. Mourinho said recently that Pogba is an intelligent player and can play as a defender but I beg to differ on that because every individual have their strength and weakness, defending isn’t part of Pogba’s game. The Manchester united team needs to be built around the strength of Pogba. You don’t pay #89m and play him anywhere. Paul Pogba has no business in any defensive role.




image source: wikipedia