Dick Advocaat 69, who helped Sunderland avoid relegation 2 seasons ago said they cannot continue this lane if they desire success. He believes that its better for Sunderland to be relegated if they want to rebuild their team.

Sunderland have only five points from eleven matches in the premier league. Their first win of the season was against Bournemouth just last weekend. They are bottom of the league table and already in the relegation battle.

“You can only define Sunderland’s problems if they spend the same as other clubs do and they don’t do that,” said Advocaat.

“I said three years ago that this is the reason I left after eight games. I had no chance, I had that feeling.

“OK, Allardyce did a great job but it went down to the wire, the last games of the season.

“You can’t do that every season. Maybe it’s better to go down, to build a new team like Newcastle and they have a great club, a great fan base, a great stadium.

“You cannot go on this way because other clubs, they invest, they spend and if you don’t do it, there’s too much quality there elsewhere.”


Photo Credit: AFP