Arsene Wenger has dismissed talk about a possible battle between him and Jose Mourinho in their upcoming match  at Old Trafford on Saturday. He made it clear that the match isn’t all about the managers. Arsene Wenger is yet to beat Mourinho in a premier league game.

Wenger said “I don’t think I have to describe our relationship.

“He will fight for his team and I will fight for mine and that is completely normal.

“It’s Arsenal against Man United, you do not consider that you play against the manager you play against the team.

“Some wins have been decisive at Old Trafford but this would just be strengthening our position in the league for what we want to achieve. We have played only 11 games so I believe that there is no position now with the big clubs that is definite.

“We are on a very strong run of 16 unbeaten games, we had a little hiccup against Tottenham and we want to restart to win our games again.

“For us it’s a very important game because in the league we know we had an opportunity against Tottenham to go top of the league and we want to respond straight away with a positive result.”