Leicester City are looking like a shadow of themselves. They are falling behind like Chelsea did last season.  Leicester city made a good of run results last season.

Leicester city have only managed five points from their last six matches in the premier league.  They are 14th on the league table and have just 12points from 12 matches (W:3; D: 3; L: 6); just two points above Hull City who are in the relegation zone.


  • This season, premier league player of the year Riyad Mahrez has failed to replicate his last season form so far this season; though he has scored two goals but all two of the goals are from penalty kick.
  • Jamie Vardy who was the premier league top scorer last season has only managed two goals this season. Remember Vardy scored 11 goals in a row last season.
  • Loss of N’golo Kante to Chelsea is a knockout blow to their title defence.
  • Daniel Amartey has failed to fill the gap left by Kante departure in Leicester city midfield.
  • The 4-4-2(Flat) is exposing the weakness of Amartey and that leaves Drinkwater with so much work-load.
  • The defence pair of Morgan and Huth have failed as well. They have conceded 20 goals in 12 league matches.


  • Mahrez should be rested (give him a week-long holiday)
  • Vardy did not rest well in the summer because of the Euro’16 (needs a break as well)
  • Change of system won’t be bad now. Their 4-4-2(flat) is not bringing out the best of Slimani(their record signing).
  • Ahmed Musa and Gray should be given opportunity to thrive from wide areas.
  • Defensive midfielder should be their priority target in January.
  • For now, they should resolve and play with the formation and players in the diagram below.

The diagram below shows Mrbrownfootball.com idea on the way forward for Leicester city.


Good luck Leicester City FC.