We are discussing 3-4-3 formation today. 3-4-3 formation is a modern tactics/formation that is been used by bold managers. The formation is made up of three central defenders, two wing backs (RWB/LWB), two central midfielders(CM), right/left midfielders(RMF/LMF) and a striker.

The diagram below shows 3-4-3 typical set up:


The diagram below shows 3-4-3 in attacking mode:


The diagram below shows 3-4-3 in defending mode:




·         Because it consists of 3 central defenders, it makes it hard for opposing team to break them down.

·         It makes the midfield so compact and makes it easier for the central midfielders to regain possession easily.

·         When attacking, it gives plenty of options up-front.

·         The RWB/LMB are so important when attacking because they help to whip in crosses from the wings, when this happens the formation change to 3-2-4-1 or 3-2-5.

·         The wing backs also helps the 3 central defenders when defending, then the formation changes to 5-4-1.


·         If the 3 central backs are not quick or good with the ball, they can easily be overrun during counter-attacks.

·         The wing backs must also be fast because during counter attacks, the wings are exposed and can be exploited if they can’t run.

·         The central midfielders must also be ready to cover lots of ground with or without the ball.

Currently in the premier league this season 16/17, about four team have tried this formation (Chelsea, Tottenham, West ham United and Manchester City). Chelsea switched to this formation after going down 3-0 against Arsenal on September 24, since then they have only conceded just two goals and have scored 22 goals in 8 games. The formation have served Chelsea so well so far but West Ham have had mixed results since switching.