Hans-Joachim Watzke 57, the CEO of Borussia Dortmund has made it clear that every player has a price including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. However, he maintained that Aubameyang will remain a Dortmund player for a long time to come. 

“I do not think there are an awful lot of clubs Auba would like to join,” Watzke told Bild.

“There has been a lot of talk about a transfer for the past two or three years, but he is still at Dortmund. It used to be the same story with Marco Reus. He was supposedly going to every club in the world as well, but he is still here.

“Of course, everyone has his price in football, regardless of who we are talking about.

“But we are not even thinking about a transfer at the moment, because there is nothing happening for now. 

“And if an offer comes in that does turn his head, we will sit down and discuss it. But even that does not mean he will definitely leave. Auba still has a long-term contract here [until 2020].”