Liverpool record their first win for the year 2017 courtesy of their Senegalese talisman Sadio Mane. 

Mane celebrates with Firmino.

Liverpool were ready and well drilled for the encounter with the Spurs team that are unbeaten in their last nine matches ( seven wins, two draws). 
From the first blast of the whistle from Anthony Taylor, Liverpool overwhelmed Tottenham with their passing, speed and determination. Their efforts paid off in the 16th minute when Wijnaldum through ball found Mane one on one with Lloris, he chipped it to make it 1-0 to Liverpool advantage but in less than 140 seconds, Mane doubled the advantage. 

Tottenham were poor defensively, the grit and wall of their defense were shaky all through the game.  Ben Davies were their achilles heel, Mane bullied him and he lost concentration when Mane scored the first.  Tottenham left the back-three that have worked for them in the last nine matches for a back-four and the result of that change was glaring for all to see in this match.

Liverpool are now one point behind both Tottenham and Arsenal who are in second and third places.