Jose Mourinho is a serial winner and already has a trophy on his cabinet this year to show for his managerial excellence. He has won league titles in his homeland Portugal with Porto, in Italy with Inter Milan, in Spain with Real Madrid and three premier league titles with Chelsea in England but his reign in Manchester has been on a rollercoaster. 

Mourinho wondering where his team will finish

Unlike Jose Mourinho’s team, Manchester United last back to back victory in the league was in February against Leicester City and Watford FC.  They have only managed four wins in ten premier league matches with six draws. 
Mourinho has been blaming every of his forward players for their lack of goals. Martial and Rashford have scored three goals each, Lingard has scored just once this season in the league. United captain Wayne Rooney have only managed two goals while Ibrahimovic has more goals than all of them put together (16).

The question now is, does Mourinho built this United Team to the strength of Ibrahimovic?  In the absence of Ibrahimovic, United have scored just four goals in all competitions (barring the Europa league).  Mourinho has failed to take any blame for his inconsistency rather his post match comments have been attack on his players which is exactly what triggered his unceremonious exit at Chelsea/Real Madrid when the players revolted against his continuous attack on them. After they managed a draw against Everton on Tuesday,  he said: “He (Shaw) had a good performance which was his body with my brain. Because he was in front of me and I was making every decision for him.

Luke Shaw and Jose Mourinho deep in conversation.

‘And the communication was possible because we were very close but I was thinking for him. When to close inside, when to open, when to go in there, when to press the opponent.
‘I was making every decision for him and at this level we need the fantastic body he has to play football, the fantastic physical qualities he has, the very good technical ability he has but he cannot play with my understanding of the game”.
Mourinho has done this public bashing over and over but in every single of them, he pays with his job.  Experience teaches one how to avoid previous errors but the reverse is the case for Mourinho. Now, Manchester United hope of Champions League next season lies in Europa league because four of their remaining eight league matches are against Chelsea (H), Manchester City (A),  Arsenal (A),  Tottenham (A). Ironically, the same competition he chastised during his second coming at Chelsea when Benitez won it in 2013 will come for his rescue in 2017.

It’s time Mourinho looks inward for his answers rather than hanging his dirty laundries outside. 
Photo Credit: Reuters.